Drink Contest Winner: Pag's Pub


The 2019 Drink Contest was a huge success! Many thanks to all those who cast votes and tried the various drinks. Many of the bars have discussed keeping their signature drink on the menu. Special thanks to Pag's Pub, MOM's, The Hattery, Chambers 19, Hops/Scotch, and Villa Capri for your participation. Please patronize these community-minded local businesses!

1ST PLACE: Pag's Pub

The 2019 Drink Contest winner is the Cher-jito by Pag's Pub. The drink is a fun play on a Strawberry Mojito served in a tall Peroni glass and garnished with fresh strawberries, limes, and mint leaves. Pag's Pub is a gastropub located at 72 W. State Street in Doylestown. Their sister establishment, Paganini Ristorante is celebrating 29 years in the community. Serving 24 draft beers, over 50 premium whiskeys, an international selection of wine, and crafted cocktails alongside locally-sourced dishes, Pag's Pub is a popular hotspot on Restuarant Row. Visit pagspub.com to learn more.


The Harvey Milk Punch by MOM's took 2nd place in the 2019 Drink Contest. The drink features a strawberry-infused bourbon, raspberry syrup, vanilla, and condensed milk. Maxwell's On Main is a long-standing local establishment offering American fare with a pinch of the South, craft beer and cocktails, and a vibrant schedule of live music and events. Learn more at momsdoylestown.com.